Minimal Obtineo wood and glass vase
Obtineo - Vase
Obtineo minimal storage containers made from glass, ash and grey felt
Obtineo - Storage
Minimal poster of Obtineo components in solid oak frame
Obtineo - Print
Oak and Ash minimal wood dish storage design
Obtineo - Dish
Minimal Obtineo small storage container design
Obtineo - Storage (S)


Every component of Obtineo is made with care and consideration in the UK by skilled craftsmen, using traditional manufacturing methods. The scooped wood is turned solid ash, which is sanded and finished before branding.

Obtineo’s wool felt strip is produced in one of Britain’s few remaining felt factories. The raw material is transformed using a centuries old method, and cut by hand to size. The glass is hand-blown by a glassworks who can trace their roots back to 1612.