Reclaimed pallet wood pendant light design
Orbis for Reditum
Reditum wooden shelving system with reclaimed wood crates
Moveo.Via - Reditums Previous Product Line
Hand sketches with pendant light designs on.
Sketch Development of Orbis


After working with Reditum, a German furniture design company, I was inspired by their socially responsible ethos and unique approach to design. I was challenged to create a lighting product to be sold alongside Reditum’s current range.

After analysing Reditum’s current products, one of which is the Moveo.Via I explored the materials and manufacturing processes used to create each component. The result was Obrbis. This product incorporates the two materials currently used by Reditum: wood, from disused pallets, and rubber, from old bicycle inner tubes. These materials allow for a charming light that is full of character whilst retaining the rustic appearance inherent in Reditum’s range.