Denby Pottery biscuit barrel concept with faceted ceramic walls and thick cork lid
Biscuit barrel design with faceted wall for Denby Pottery
Biscuit barrel with angle sides 3D printed with cork lid


The initial brief in this second year University module required a new design for Denby Pottery. It was suggested that redefining breakfast was a key element within the design process and the quote “hand to mouth” had to be considered.

The outcome was the Roto, a Biscuit Barrel with a unique twist on a normally mundane product. The barrels faceted surfaces gives the product a playful element for the user, allowing it to be placed in any position. The body of the 3D representation, was created using a 3D printer. The cork stopper was made using lazer cut letters for the motif, and finished by hand. The body of the barrel would be slip cast if produced for commercial sales.